It´s a tough job, but someone´s got to do it...

Mo: After a not so energetic Friday, tired after my Norwegian adventure, we had sister and sister´s husband around for dinner. Always nice, always great company. She is so big now, less than 1 week before the arrival date of "Daisy". (That´s the baby´s "work-name", or as my sister puts it: "After feeling like shit for 9 months, having whooping cough, constant nausea, water retention from hell and still throwing up when it´s just over one week to go, I´ll put the baby back inside if it´s not a girl!" - you can sort of tell she wants a baby girl...whereas husband would love a boy... :) - great stuff!)

It´s a daunting experience for us baby-less couples to follow the initiated. Fascinating and daunting. To be honest, I´m quite pleased that my li´l sis´is doing hers first. That way I might be used to holding a new born, changing diapers and just sort of...knowing what to do-when my time comes! As it is right now, I haven´t got a clue! I´ve never been interested in babies, pregnancy, motherhood, etc. It wasn´t really until about 1yr ago that I even got used to the idea that I might be a mother one day. Which really amuses my closest friends since they know my previous standpoint on the issue.

Anyway, back to the original idea of this thread. After a great dinner of home made elk-hamburgers (my P makes some ass-kickin´ burgers!), we had chocolate tasting on the menu. For the record: sis and sis´s husband owns a chocolate shop. P adores chocolate and I-I have sort of learned to appreciate chocolate, but I´m far from being a chocolate fan... (I know some of you are probably ready to strangle me now...)

I tipped my sister off about an Italian chocolate brand, Streglio, in December, and the Italians had finally got their act together and sent some samples over. So we did chocolate tasting and we gave grades. 1-5 points.... And the Italian chocolate was loved - it got 4-5 points all over - which is impressive. GREAT chocolate! Even I thought so.

A regular Friday night at Mo´s...

Keep your eyes open - Streglio will be available in an ICA near you - or in Belgiska Pralinboden - shortly.

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