Mo: We are small and insignificant in the big scheme of things. When we think we know, when we think we have control, when our picture of the world and how it works is, just sort of arranged in the right place, nature hits back and puts us in our place.

How much snow can fall less than 1 week before April? Obviously more snow than we´ve seen this year in this part of the world. And suddenly we are being pieces on a chess board. And all we can talk about is...the weather. It´s quite wonderful. It brings us to now. It makes us slow down. It forces us to do things just a little bit different from yesterday. Wonderful. Remember, our attitude towards unpredictable things is just that - attitude -...and values, our label on things. Who can change it? Who can make a situation into a positive instead of a negative? You know the answer to that question. The key holder and the question maker is the same person.

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