Sound of Music (in Åre)

Jo: Good Morning Sweden!!!

In May last year I worked at a fitness convention named WORKOUT ÅRE, in yeah you got it ÅRE.

Sitting on the airplane to Östersund I could not belive my eyes as I was struck by the beauty of our country. It was 1030pm, the sun was setting like a red juicy orange over the green treetops.
This is something you do not want to miss. Åre might be a town you visit wintertime for skiing but my GOD it is beautiful in May! Clear water, fresh air, greener hills then Sound of Music and you get to combine that with worldclass fitness classes, mornig runs, midnight spinning, evening disco dancing and wake me up yoga!

WORKOUT ÅRE is on again 24-25 May
Will you meest me there?!

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