108 ... this Friday!

Do you want to be a ground breaker?! A sacred activist who inspires many to look beyond our differences and experience yoga as peace in action?!

Join us in Gothenburg Friday the 18th of September
5pm if your new to yoga
6pm We start the 108 Sunsalutations
@ Esperantoplatsen 7-9 (indoors - top floor)

Global Mala was initiated in 2007 as a response to a call to action for global warming and the power of yoga to activate individual and collective awakening, empowerment, and unity.

The Global Mala is an opportunity to connect with the yoga community at large: across all borders, all styles of yoga, forms of yoga this coming weekend, Fall Equinox and United Nations International Peace Day.

This ritual of going beyond the norm, in whatever form you decide, from 108 sun salutations to 108 push-ups combines yoga with action by offering the power of that energy and funds toward a greater purpose by supporting the organization of your choice (on Friday we are donating to "Clowner utan gränser").

There is a profound ripple effect of coming together as a mala - a circle of unity and peace - from students and teachers coming together within one yoga studio to yoga centers coming together within a city to the global vibration generated through all of the actions on UN International Peace Day!

Step of your mat - into the World!


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