You are always on my mind

Got this clip sent to me from an old GV classmate - we studied Global Project Management together for 2 years.

This film is from our Graduation :)

I remember the day clearly - I had my plastic mother and father there (Love you guys ;) - and then we went dancing into the night!

Right now I would LOVE to take the next plane to INDIA - do another VIPASSANA, climb the mountains in the north, sit with Dalia Lama, swim in the Ganga and drink chai all day long :)

With just a tiny back pack and nothing else ....

This is on my mind - I can feel it coming soon, not this year since I am working everyday till Dec 21st :)

But India - know that you are on my mind!

And you to GV classmates and teachers - it was 2 amazing years - THANK YOU!!

Love Jo

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