The Academy - Sthlm

Round 2!!

After a SUPER DUPER Saturday with GREAT classes, but most of all GREAT People - My LM boss has sent me some blogs during the week to cheer me on - Thank you K :)
And THANK YOU - Super Bloggers/Instructors (Jim Body&Soul Linnea )- Wow I still get the chills and have to pinch myself just to be reminded it is not a dream :)

The Supa Dupa SaturDAY smoothly turned into night with (I admit - I much more prefer the vodka than al the sweet or candy like shoots!) a lot of BUFFALOS!

I mean I don't mind - but the thing was that I had to get up EARLY and work the following day - so around 230am Petter placed me and Lisa Osborne (The Amazing Bodyattacker!!!) in a cab to the hotel. Happy as I was I couldn't fall asleep - I waited (and ate al the candy - Isn't it funny how sprouts can be so darn NOT appealing at 3am!!) for my roomy to come home, and when she did we chilled a couple of hours before we went to breakfast :)

YUMMEY!!! Felt like a real SUPER HUMAN again after some scrambled eggs! Lina (NIKE) picked me up and we drove to THE ACADEMY CONVENTION @ Sportlife Östermalm. Never been there before - What a studio - a great space for group fitness!!

Taught caramel core - yum! The participants (80 of them) were super energetic and I got such a great response! So much fun seeing Terese and Jenny there :) Supa dupa work with challanging yourselfs guys!

Lina + her brother and niece also liked the class :)

Terese is a fab photographer + has hot tamale feet - see for yourself!!

This week the FOCUS is on DYNAMIC TRAINING - We are doing the NIKE TRAINING CLUB TOUR in Gothenburg and Lund this weekend :) It's gonna be a blast!

But before that - I am doing 108..... everyday this week!

Why.... I'll tell you next - the best part is that you can be part of it this FRIDAY at 530pm in Gothenburg - or wherever you are around the globe :)


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NEA said...

Tack själv! =) Vilket schema du har! Hinner du ens andas mellan varven? Friday next!