The best things in life are (not always) free


Sometimes the best things in life are not free, but quite simple... We had a wonderful crayfish dinner tonight, and now I´m so full my belly threatens to explode...YUM!

I started the day on the mat and joined a lovely yoga session, before I headed off for two business meetings. Fridays are hectic since it´s my only "real" working day during the week (unless I count the working weekends) and there´s a lot of things I want/need done in that time.

The only dark cloud of the day: I received an invoice from my new accountant. I was surprised how expensive it was! When it comes to book keeping, I have to admit that I am USELESS. Really bloody foul, if you pardon my language...because I find it mind numbingly BORING.

I don´t think there is ANYTHING that could possibly persuade me to do my own books...you know how I tried to get into doing it myself at the beginning of the year? But noooooo, 8 weeks later I just had to admit it to myself: book keeping was definitely not being prioritized in my life and receipts, invoices and other paperwork were just piling up...I just have to bite the bullet and cash out, I guess. (It´s either that or have my company go bust because I forget to pay my VAT on time or something else exciting.)

At least I know what I suck at.



Camilla Porsman said...

Åh, vad vet precis vad du menar! Bokföring är det tråkigaste som finns. Eller vänta, deklaration här i Schweiz (betydligt krångligare än i Sverige, och på tyska dessutom) tar faktiskt priset. Jag är lite för snål för att lägga ut alltsammans på någon annan, i alla fall så länge jag inte jobbar fullt ut pga barnen, men jag kan säga att jag verkligen förstår ditt beslut.

mojo said...

Hej Camilla!
Ja, vad göra? Å ena sidan vill man ha FULL koll, å andra sidan vet jag att det inte blir så, eftersom jag har svårt att ta mig i kragen och lägga den tid som krävs...
Jag har inte ens en ursäkt gällande språket! :)
Hoppas att du och familjen har det bra!