It's a BEAUTIFUL DAY - Don't let it get away ;)

Thank YOU GBG and LUND!
What an AMAZING weekend :)

I am chilling in the sofa in the middle of nowhere. This is where I feel at HOME. Train leaving for my second home - Gbg - in an hour and then it is all rock n rolla again. A week with 6 days of waking up before 6am - telling myself to stay present, not thinking about the long row of early mornings....

The NIKE TRAINING CLUB TOUR was wicked! And so was the 108 SunSalutations - I am amazed by all the energy people have and share so freely - THANK YOU!

Some Highlights from the weekend:

  • 108 SURYA NAMASKARS at Esperantoplatsen - Thank you J, C and A for all the help and dedication - The room looked like one day in PARADISE :)
  • Thank YOU YOGIS who showed up and danced with us - You Rocked the GLOBE (ps - Did you know that we were the FIRST ones this year to do the 108 suns - after us people been flowing all weekend - but we started the FLOW :)
  • My Cruiser escorted me to AVALON where my NIKE team members awaited a FAB dinner - YES it was FAB cause of the company but AVALON disappointed - MO's been writing about this before... food and service did not get a 5star! Dinner lasted until 130am...
  • Waking up at 545am - getting ready for the BIG day in GBG - 170 people rocking the floor at 830 with DYNAMIC TRAINING - Thanks Petter for the powerful demo's and fierce coaching :)
  • The day continued with Åsa Fornander - Rockstar Jamming, Maria Olofsson StepMania, Petter E - Outdoor Training, Lunch, Cecilia Gustafsson - FreePowerDance, Per Markusen - Dance Aerobics and Anna Lindh Sweet SHANTI Yoga!
  • A stop at McDonald's and a mini bus ride later we arrived in LUND!
  • Another full on dinner (NIKE takes good care of us) and long talks in the hotel beds :) And Whoopa it was morning again and time to do it all over!
  • LUND was HIGH ENERGY - People pushing themselves to new limits - screaming, supporting, challenging - WOW!!
  • Mom came and mingled with the team before she kidnapped me to Grandmas' garden where a BIG home-made buffet awaited - mmm!
  • More home-made yummy food was then served in Annelöv - me, mom and the animals all chilling in the sofa - THIS IS LIFE :)

Phuuu - that was it I guess - To all of you who were part of this weekend - A BIG THANKS !!!
YOu are truelly amazing and you make it all worth while!!!



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NEA said...

Åh, vi var först med de 108! :) Då var jag antagligen också den första med enormt stela hamstrings. ;)

Tack för all din härligt positiva energi!