Oh LA LA!!!
What a weekend!

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I am still lost of intellectual words for it so I'm doing a LIST:

  • YES - I followed the plan and took my FIRST RPM class ever - Anna Key - What a hot tamale cyclist - calm, strong, and fierce at the same time - I would follow her up any mountain! And Petter - gave me all the support I needed - from setting up my bike to coaching me through the to me "new" stuff about RPM!
  • Then BODYSTEP - Eh well - I Did it, I can say that much! Now I know what it feels like to be totally in the dark during a class/workout. I was MISS LOST! A very good MENTAL workout indeed!
  • BODYPUMP - Whoppa, didn't think I would have any POWER left by this time but WOW - The RockNRoll tracks fits GLOBEN like a Glove and it was Inspiring to see GLEN (The BP MAN) live - so much POWER in such a tiny body!
  • After being a participant it was time to do some work - Dr Dave, Me and Ragnhild taught the Generic part for BODYBALANCE. Great fun not being the person in charge - I could just chill on stage and learn from DR Dave and all the GREAT participants - Thank you for being so open and curious!
  • LES MILLS SHOW - Hahah Lots of Fun - You can watch it here!
  • Time for BODYBALANCE on the BIG STAGE - Whoppa, Dave was right, it was a HIGH stage - if you think balancing is hard - try it on the edge of at 2m high stage in front of a massive crowd with 1000watts LIGHT in your eyes..... As we taught the class I must admit that I wasn't sure if I reached the participants. So hard seeing their faces, couldn't hear their breathing and so on.... It wasn't a HIGH being up there...
Bild (sparkibaken :)
  • BUT - OH MY GOD! Thank you EVERYBODY for the AMAZING comments and smiles after the class. I really want you to know that IT ALL MEANS A LOT TO ME! You boosted me! I am GREAT at working and then moving on, not resting in the delight after a big presentation or teaching BUT this time I actually did - I felt larger than life and I allowed myself to feel it, live it, enjoy it - all thanks to YOU!
  • From balancing the body with yoga - Dave and I went to the bar, picked up a glass of champagne and went dancing (BODYJAM :) !!! That's the way ahaha I like it aha aha
  • Then there was the AfterParty ----- To me the whole evening was a looong repetition of ELBOWS in my FACE !! Don't know what I am talking about? BUFFALO!!! Drinking with your right hand is NOT ALLOWED - The Result = An elbow to your face and finishing your drink within 20sec.... No exceptions!!!
  • The sad thing is that the LEARNING CURVE with Alcohol is actually -VE, yeapph! So Miss Andersson bought drink after drink only to find herself drinking them faster than life ... around 5-8 of those yes bam thank you mam!!
  • Alarm rang at 0655 am Sunday morning... of to THE ACADEMY CONVENTION....
  • To be continued...



soffan said...

Hahaha, jag undrade just varför folk hela kvällen tjatade om vilken hand jag höll mina drinkar med, very wierd :)! Mysteriet löst.

Helena said...

Glen! Första gången jag körde för honom, och vilken ENERGI! Ser ut som en ljudtekniker på scenen men levererar mer än man kan ana!

Jo said...

Ja Soffan - vilket Mysterie ;)

Helena - Hahah Exakt vad jag tänkte - grym liknelse!

NEA said...

Du var grym på scen! Känner mig alltid lika inspirerad efter dina klasser. Det var lika härligt att se ditt partytempo! ;)