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I am back from a mini week in Sthlm! Intense and colourful in every sense!

After a late Wednesday night (me sitting on the apt floor putting together all the GLOBAL YOGA manuals :) I meet an early early morning!! I was quiet sure that my train to Stockholm left at 545 am but when I arrived at the Central Station there was NO 545 train to Stockholm and the ticket I thought I had was a ticket for October 18th.... hm. O well - it wasn't that bad - I managed to buy a new ticket in time for the 554am train :)

And as they say MORNING GLORY (I translate it into "MORGONSTUD HAR GULD I MUND" Anna Anka håller nog med ;)

I was heading for the NIKE DYNAMIC TRAINING CLUB TEACHER TRAINING that I was holding together with fab Lina Andersson (my NIKE Boss). And let me tell you the participants ROCKED IT! I know that they will do a GREAT JOB with this class !
After the teacher training Lina and I went to my new HAPPY SPOT in Sthlm = SIRAP :)


Then it was time to reload and prep for the GLOBAL YOGA Teacher Training that I was hosting in Sthlm for the first time ever! Global Yoga is my first OWN teacher training and I am very proud of it - still it is a LOT of hard work - you know when it is your own baby.... You want to give it your ALL!

Amazing yogis to be - THANK YOU for your dedication and for putting up with my endless fascination for everything from the bottom of the exhale to the pinki toe :)

During weekends like these it is very important to fill up your energy so that your PRANA flows with easy and at a steady pace - BLUEBERRY is such an oase :)

Almost as good as my GRANDMAS kitchen table .... not quiet but almost ;)

This weekend we're heading towards LINKÖPING and UMEÅ with NIKE TRAINING CLUB! The last weekend with my NIKE colleges - As you can see - NIKLAS is very excited - He's gonna teach an AEROBIC DANCE and coach one of my teams in DYNAMIC TRAINING - Watch out - it might be you ...!!! ;)

There's gonna be a lot of fast feet this weekend - The question is - R U READY

I mean - even the SWEDISH CHAMPION in American Football looks charged :) If you find yourself close to Linköping or Umeå this weekend come play with us :)

Check out www.nikewomen.se for more info!

Of to bed now since I have about 5 days of tiny amount of sleep to re-accumulate


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Grymt roliga tränare bara för deras skull kunde jag tänka mig att träna!!!!!!!
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