Where´s your CORE at?


I´m back in the gym, on the bike, out running and throwing the kettlebell around. I feel quite good and not at all like I just had a baby. Until this morning.
I joined S & M (oh, that was a fun abbreviation!) in their acro-yoga session this morning, where we spent almost an hour doing inversions (meaning being upside down in yogi-talk).

Mein Gott. Suddenly it was more than obvious that Robin was born 2 months ago. I had NO contact almost whatsoever with my midriff...it was like, hello?, space calling CORE?! WAKE UP! Also, my arms were weak and my shoulders & hamstrings were incredibly stiff.

The girls were wonderful and supportive (we had so much fun!), reminding me to be patient and that the baby thing will affect you for quite a while, but I have to admit: I was a bit upset I had lost THAT much strength, contact and power! (yes, yes, I know it´s ridiculous, but it will also be the fact that pushes me to become better)...

Tomorrow & Sunday I do my first "real" work, teaching a Cycling Basic Training course here in Gothenburg. It will be hectic but fun. I´m looking forward to having my new team members Magnus & Linda there, getting ready and prepared to start teaching courses on their own for InCycle later this autumn.

Time for bed now,
Have a great weekend!


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