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My little SuperStar...


Robin is 3months tomorrow.
I am the first to admit that it´s not until the last 10 days or so that I have landed more fully in my role as a mother.

Now I can :
* sleep in with the prince until 10 o´clock, without a bad conscious or feeling "lazy" about having a lie-in.
* be relaxed when I play with him without constantly worrying about work stuff that needs to be done.
* honestly say that I´m delighted to be able to stay at home with him and that I´m truly happy with that decision.
I don´t worry so much anymore that I will look like the complete beginner with my own child and
I look forward to our daily little excursions outside, either in the Babybjörn or in the pram.

Talking about the pram, the wheels have been in need of more air for a couple of weeks now. (Something I desperately noticed yesterday when I went pushing that thing around Skatås...).
I went to the Bike shop around the corner to use their automatic bike pump. Well, I´d of course heard the stories about mothers who´ve managed to blow the tyres on their 3-wheelers... Didn´t think I would ever be one of those...
Luckily, the same bike shop also fixes pram tyres...
150SEK poorer (but happy about the great service) I picked up the pram with a new wheel about 3h later...



Anonymous said...

Han är så söt så man dör ju!
Snart får han komma och leka med Charlies leksaker!
Kram M.

mojo said...

Tack Malin!
Ja, tänk när Robin är gammal nog att hänga med Charlie! O.M.G I can see trouble coming our way! :)

Ses snart?


Helena said...

Han ser redan fokuserad och målinriktad ut...love it! Sötare än socker...

mojo said...

..och envis som...(sin mamma???)

Tack Härliga H!

Puss & kram