Training Goals Autumn 2009


Autumn is finally here.
For me autumn is a time for contemplation and reflection. And training. In my world, there is no better way to keep the oncoming winter blues at bay.
(Winter is about surviving and Spring is about a fresh start, but that´s a future thread...).

My training goals for Autumn 2009:

By Christmas I´ll be:
* Running 10k (8+2) in Skatås with the pram once a week.
* Snatching a 24kg kettlebell.
* Doing deep squatting again - which means I´ll have to do heaps of work on lengthening my calves and increasing my ankle mobility about 70%.
* Doing chins and push-ups regularly.
* Working, working, working on that handstand-technique.

Basic, hard training with a multitude of variation, will be my motto.




susanita said...

Härligt med målsättningar!
Blev lite fnissig då vi hade väldigt lika målsättningar för hösten. =)

Judith o Sus

mojo said...

Vad kul, Sus!
Du måste hålla mig uppdaterad om hur din träning går. :)
Jag var ute och sprang idag med vagnen (dagens tråd handlar om hur det gick...)...hmmmmm...det finns lite att jobba på, om man säger så... :)

Kramar till dig och prinsessan!
Mo & R