Holiday Groove


We are in this fairytale place called Monnaber Nou right by the highest mountains in Mallorca.
The food is exquisite, the service 5star and the place is magical. I will post some photos later.
We (the little family) is hanging, taking each day as it comes and exploring the island by rental car. Robin has never slept better and P and I are amazed that we have managed to have 3-course dinners 3 nights in a row!!!
So, he might not be a "latte-baby", but he sure doesn´t mind to sleep in fab restaurants! :)
The only thing that is not 5star? The weather. O.M.G. I have never seen thunderstorms like it! Wow. Until now it´s been fine, but tomorrow and Thursday, we´ll go chasing the sun...

Hope you are all great at home,

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