I went up to Skatås today.
I thought I´d try running 4k with the pram.
I ended up doing 8k (my inner voice doing its nasty business again)...damn, was I knackered during parts of that run! I tell you, it is SO much harder trying to run AND push a pram at the same time...
Since I hate walking, running around the forest is one of the few ways you can get me out with the pram for a longer period of time.

I felt like a true beginner today. To be flying around10k by Xmas will require a lot of hard work.
(Who said getting fit was easy?)
Seriously though, I have changed my attitude to training in the last 10years. I used to have very little use for high intensity workouts.
Nowadays, the number one requirement is still that the workout has to be fun, but when it comes to training intensity, cranking up the intensity= faster results.
As time becomes more and more precious, each minute counts, so now it´s: shorter trainings at higher intensities.

The riddle is to find the perfect balance between pushing your limits and allowing your body to recover and get stronger... Also, in times of colds, flues, etc, doing lots of high intensity work means that you will seriously compromise your immune system. And being a toddler mum means of course absolutely no time to get sick...

Let´s see how the training puzzle works out in the next couple of months.

Wish me luck this autumn!



christine said...

skönt att höra att du är mänsklig!!det är jobbigt att springa med vagnen...3åringar väger 15-20 kg...puss/Christine

mojo said...

Hahahaha, då vet jag vad jag har att se fram emot!!! :)