Enjoying the moment


Enjoying the moment with a much happier Robin and finally I can say that I´m beginning to relax into my role as a mum. The first weeks are just about surviving. Learning new things every day and worrying about doing stuff wrong, too little, too much or not at all. How everyone who can produce kids is allowed to become a parent is a mystery to me. You don´t even need a "baby-license"! (Unless you want to adopt..then the interrogation never ends..)

One of the funniest things that seems to happen to me a couple of times a week, is when people bump in to me when I´m not with Robin, either at the gym or when I´m working. Looking around perplexed, out comes the question: "...but, where is he now???"
Ehhh? Pardon?
"...out for a drive"
"...doing the grocery shopping"
"....in a bar down the street having a beer"
What do people expect?
He is with his d.a.d.
I appreciate that we have come a long way in Sweden when it comes to equality, but sometimes we still have some way to go...

Ps. JO, I´m sure you are rockin´Globen today and Stockholm tonight! Have fun, girlfriend!



Helena said...

Underbart inlägg! Robin har världens bästa pappa och är så söt så socker bleknar i jämförelse...
Kramar till er!

mojo said...

Kärlek till dig, hoppas du hade en fantastisk SS!


susanita said...

Robin är så vacker! O han har helt uppenbart underbara föräldrar.
Ta hand om er!

mojo said...

Åh, tack, Sus!

Massa kramar