Beautiful, disgusting day


Can I just start by saying: The weather was DISGUSTING today, but the day was beautiful!

After yoga I had a facial booked. It turned out to be the longest lasting facial I´ve ever had - 2h 15min - WHOPA! That´s what I call value for money. Only problem: It left me short of time to my next appointment: a self-tanning session. I have this aversion toward sunbeds and my skin goes a sour milk yellow/white colour in the winter, (NOT very flattering together with the latest Nike spring collection, which is an explosion of colours - and yes, you may call me vain...), so.... best place in town for a "natural" tan: Anna H at MAZI.
It was easier said than done, trying to keep my face dry, running towards the car afterward. Rain/snow/and more rain made the city look like this:

Whilst waiting for my newly sprayed body to dry, I flickered through some magazines and found this:

The quality is not great, but it´s a picture of an iPhone-pimped with Swarovski crystals around the brim. The pimping is done by a company called Guldplatina.
How much they charge for the phone? Wait for it...
17.995:- SEK
I´m sorry, come again?
17.995:- SEK.
Ehhhhhhh... ooookey.
Check out yesterday´s blog post and try to put a price on that... :)


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