Smokin´ HOT


I´m not sure what happened, but when 2009 went into 2010, SOMETHING definitely happened. This year has just begun and it´s ROCKIN´, SMOKIN´HOT already!
There are so many things in the pipeline, that I´m not sure where to begin...
There are so many fun things going down, I unfortunately had to say no to Workout Åre AGAIN this year, since I´m already booked in Copenhagen that weekend...

As you know darling JOJO is on loan to Veckorevyn for 8 weeks, but she has promised to stay true to all you MOJO-readers as well.

Now, on Saturday I will be able to tell you big news no 1. Yes, BIG NEWS and actually quite AMAZING news if you live in Gothenburg or visit here often and love Yoga.

And hopefully by next Monday, I´ll be able to give you the inside on exactly what is happening on October 4- Oct 11...Let´s just say that anybody who wants some MOJO-magic should really mark those dates in their calendars.

Focus this week? NIKE NORWAY.
Travelling on Friday.
Teaching Spinning, Yoga & Kettlebell Saturday-Sunday. Always a fun event, always a pleasure.
Interesting meeting Friday evening. A HUGE project for 2011.
Could be something, could be nothing.
If it turns out to be something - you´ll be the first to know.

Ps. For those of you a little bit more curious than others: Everything will be revealed ahead of schedule on Twitter... ;)


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