I´m training because...

Oh. What a day.
Lucky I had a meeting with darling JO at lunch, which made my day. Other than that,I´ve had a 6months old baby with a runny nose, a slight fever and a crying face attached to my body since 12.30pm, like a fifth limb.

When P came home from work around 18.30pm, I was soooo ready to get out of the house.

Before I became a mum I never ran a lot in the evenings, actually hardly ever, but now...oh, now it could easily become a habit.
-7 degrees, but who´s counting? An easy, easy run around 75% of MHR - and only for 30min. Just what the doctor ordered for a tired, non-functional brain and a wasted back from carrying around 10 very alive kg in my arms all day.

I recieved an email from Sportlife today, concerning their Inspirational Day in March. One of the questions they want the presenters to answer was: "I´m training because...."
Easy piecy answer today, I tell you: I´m training because I want to become an ever better mother-mentally, physically and spiritually.


Magnus said...

Snygg facelift:)

mojo said...

Åh, nej! Jag trodde inte att den syntes!!!!
Skämt åsido, kul att du gillar de nya färgerna, det var definitivt dags att uppdatera....

Ses imorgon,