Go ALPHA-females!


Is there such a thing as an Alpha-female?
If there is - What is she like and how did she become the way she is?
What significant personality traits does she have?
And does she get along with other Alpha-females?
The thought struck me today as I was going about my business.

My own answer is yes. There is definitely such a thing as an Alpha-female.
She carries more testosterone than most women and like it or not, this means that she carries more traditionally male traits such as being competitive, straightforward and analytical.
She was born that way and certain environmental factors can either strengthen or weaken what´s already there. You CAN also become an Alpha-female and here´s what´s needed:

An Alpha-female is a natural leader and secure in her own skin. She doesn´t have to put other people down or elbow her way forward to be seen or heard- she gets ahead anyway.
Therefore all the Alpha-females I know (and that´s quite a few), get along well with other Alpha-females.

She gets stressed by:

* Lazy people
* Incompetence
* People who talk slowly and never get to the point
* Bullies (she will bite your head off if you try to bully someone weaker in front of her)
* Flakiness (people who never keep or follow up on their word)

Spot a false Alpha-female by:

* Listening in to her conversation - if she constantly talks about herself and her own virtues...she´s false. A true Alpha-female is where she is because she can listen. And she doesn´t need to tell you about herself all the time.

* Look at her appearance - if she always needs to be visually perfect, with a full on made up face with each piece of hair in place...she´s false. Remember, a true Alpha-female is comfortable in her own skin. With or without a fully made face.

* Watch her around men. If she suddenly changes her voice and let it go "baby-pitched", flicks her hair and batters her eyelashes...definitely a fake. A true Alpha-female can be one of the boys any day any time and doesn´t feel the urge to change into something different just because there are penises in the room.

Alpha-females out there, MOJO salutes you!
You make the world a fun place to be!



Jenny said...

Både Mo och JO är alfakvinnor! :D

mojo said...

Right back at ya, Jenny,
with much LOVE ♥ :)


Tobias said...

Tja Mo!

Pleas extend your theory to cover the interaction alpha female vs alpha male....match made in heaven or WW3? ;-D


mojo said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Tobbe...
In my world:
Can a healthy relationship only have ONE leader.
Who that is, can and SHOULD change with the task, though...
What do you think?
(...and why didn´t I see you in class yesterday???) :)


Malin said...

Undrar just om jag är en alfakvinna... hmmm...tål att undras över =)


mojo said...

Två bokstäver i svaret, darling. ;)

Kramar i massor

Tobias said...

Hmmm, Monika

I think I must agrre. A true leader knows when to let others with better abilities for the task at hand step forward.

However, do you really think the female in a relationship ever truely would surrender her assumed leadership? ;-) hahaha

MIssed your classes both Monday and Wednesday due to a business trip far far north....will be the same next week too! :-(
But once again, the benefits of the KB-training is sooo obvious when dashing around in the cross-country skiing tracks up here, the difference in core strength and endurance is remarkable compared to last year!

mojo said...

with grace I´d say! (At least now and again...)

Great to hear that you are x-country skiing whilst away! At least then you will not suffer as bad when you come back to class in 2 weeks... ;)

Yeah, Kettlebell rocks the midriff and the core strength, that´s for sure.

Look after yourself,