Packa pappas kappsäck


The night before leaving to Stockholm and tomorrow´s meeting in the Nike office, I´m sure I´m going to forget something at home. Too lazy to make a packing list, as long as I have my music, my contacts, my phone and my purse, I´ll be fine.

Talking about said purse - I almost left for Oslo without it last weekend. I just remembered as I entered the taxi and had to run back upstairs to get it...

P was laughing when I told him I´d bought stuff to prepare sandwiches to bring with me on the train. I never do that. I want to do it, but I never seem to get round to it. Knowing how starving I was last year before lunch, I´m not going to make the same mistake twice.
(I see this as a great way of practicing before Robin gets old enough to have school outings...you know, packed lunches and all that malarkey...)

I´m so looking forward to my 2 kettlebell classes this weekend. 2x200 people. Cool.
Maybe a little training as well. Tony Stone & James Da Silva, at least. That, and several meetings. It will be fun! It will be hysterical! It will swoosh past faster than you can say Air Max!

I promise I´ll keep you updated. And remember, if you are at the NIKE Stockholm Convention this weekend and you see me, come up and say Hello! :)



Helena said...

Ser SÅ mycket fram emot helgen och längtar efter en stor dos kettlebells..! :)

mojo said...

Whoooha!!! Snaaart!
... Å härlig träningsvärk garanteras!....


Åsa said...

Välkommen till Stockholm! :)

sports. travelling. design. party. said...

Oh, so you had a class in OSLO last week. Totally missed that :( heard so much about your great classes! Hope you will be back

mojo said...

Åsa: tack! Åh, kom och säg hej imorgon! :)

Pernilla: "I'll be back", as they say... :) Next time?