NDT down in Norge :)

Well done peop's !!
A bit chatty to start with so I had to pull out my FIERCE self hihi
But once in the Arena they rocked it!

Here creating their own class

Some of them could already feel the amazing butlift that this class offers ;)


Now I'm on the train back home - first time ever (train Oslo-Gbg)

Looking fw to waking up in my own cozy newly feng shuid appt.

On the scheduel for Sunday:
- sort out all my kvitton
- brunch as a well deserved midpoint break
- a walk in the sun (plz mr sun, come out!!)
- see some of my loved ones
- prepare for a wicked full kastrull on week!

Love from the night train and again Thank You Oslo!!

- Jo flowing on The IPhone

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