Put the needle on the record and the drum beat goes like this


Overheard while waiting to have my second tattoo of the week:

Guy entering the shop: "Eeeerrr...is there a long waiting list to get an appointment?"
Freddan, "my" tattoist. "Depends on what you´d like to have done."
Guy: "Something on my forearm"
Freddan: "On the inside?"
Guy (In a VERY hesitant voice): "Nooo...more on the outside, like here..(pointing to arm)....I think..."
Freddan: "Ok...and what motive?"
Guy: "A little old man..." (Svensk översättning: En liten gubbe)
Freddan: "A little old man?"
Guy: "...ehhh..yeah..."
Freddan: "Any little old man, or do you have a particular one in mind?"
Guy (laughing nervously): "I guess I need to know right?"
Freddan: "Yup, that would be helpful. Otherwise I can always just draw a little old man, ANY little old man, and stick him on your arm, but I´m not sure you would be too happy with that..."
Guy:"...ooookey...I´ll come back then later in the week?"
Freddan: "You´re welcome"


The conversation really went like that, more or less word for word. How I could keep myself from laughing, I really don´t know. A tattoist is not just a fantastic artist, he or she needs to be an excellent psychologist as well. And have the patience of a nursery school teacher.

My third (second this week) and last tattoo - at least for another 20 years, is a homage to the two most important people in my life. It´s my anniversery present to P (for years to come!) and a tribute to Robin...
They say the wrist should be the most painful place to get tattooed. The top of my back hurt a thousand times more. Not sure why, but man, it was painful!
You won´t be able to see it properly with all the covering, but you get the flavour:

As they say: Pain is temporary...



Jessica Clarén said...

oooh finaste Monika, jag är så sugen på att med gadda mig igen! Tror bestämt det får bli så!

Längtar efter att ses!

MIljoner Kramar

mojo said...

"Addictive", är ordet för dagen...hmmmm...TUR är det nog att det tog 20år att bestämma sig vad nr.2 och nr.3 skulle vara... :)

Härligt att ses snaaart!

Då blir det:

susanita said...

wow, helt underbar tattoo. Det där är kärlek.
kram till fina familjen, hoppas ni har det toppen.

mojo said...

Det känns fantastiskt att ÄNTLIGEN ha dem på plats... :)

Vi mår finfint,

Kramar o kärlek tillbaks

Anonymous said...

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