NIKE Oslo 2010


Just got back.
Sorry I haven´t been able to update you during the weekend, but there was an awful Wi-fi connection at the Clarion Royal Christiania Hotel.
-10 points for that, Clarion.

The weekend got great scores, though!

Rockin´ energy, cool people in class, lovely friends and fun conversations -
What more can you ask for from a working weekend???

Right before my spinning class on Saturday...
HOT Spinning, since the temperature in the room was close to 38 degrees.

Mango doing his thing - Functional Moves

Arja, Åsa & Susanna looking fit and happy.

Mad hair, Thomas, Susanna & Arja before Åsa´s fantastic Powerstrip-class.

Catslide´s Christina from Kronsj showing how it´s done.

Ladies with an attitude - Strike a pose...
Gorgeous Jo & Åsa before their Body Jam-team teach.
No pregnant options were needed.
Private joke, sorry...

Thomas from Bergen & Susanna from NIKE Finland.

A weekend with 2 of my best friends = heaps of laughter and fun stories!

Alan & Marit from Maxpuls.no in Trondheim after my KB-class. Great people - fit people and very, very nice indeed! Thanks for your help and support, guys!


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