Put the needle on the record


At noon today, I finally had my second tattoo done. My first - a heart in flames (for passion) with a Sagittarius arrow inside it, is from 1989(!). I had it done in Wheatstone, a part of north London, when I lived there.
I always knew I would have more tattoos done, but it´s taken me this long to decide WHAT I wanted. Something I could live with forever and always feel a part of. Something with a deeper meaning for me.
So here it is, part 2: the South Korean flag - taegeukgi. Beautiful. Symbolic. Soft and Strong. And a part of my heritage for ever.

The center is the taegeuk - the yin and yang symbol which represents the origin of all things in the universe. The blue being yin - the negative aspect and the red being yang - the positive aspect, in perfect balance. Together they show a continuous movement within infinity, the two merging as one.
The four trigrams originate from the I Ching, representing the 4 Taoist philosophical ideas about the Universe: Harmony, Symmetry, Balance & Circulation.

Upper left corner, Keon: sky, spring, east, humanity, father, metal, justice
Lower left corner, Ee: sun, autumn, south, courtesy, son, fire, wisdom
Upper right corner, Kam: moon, winter, north, intelligence, daughter, water, vitality
Lower right corner, Kon: earth. summer, west, righteousness, mother, earth, fertility

What do you think?


Tobias said...

Nice! ;)

Kickass workout today by the way! If you need a spokesperson for the magnificence of kettlebell training...I'm your man!


Ha de bra!


mojo said...

Jag kommer definitivt anta det erbjudandet inom en inte alltför avlägsen framtid, Tobbe!

Kul att du gillar min nya gadd! Det var en utmaning att köra KB nytatuerad, ska du veta... :)

Ses imorgon!


Jacob Karström said...

Snyggt! Den har en skön balans med sin rena form. Bra val.

mojo said...

tack fina du!
Du får snart se den live över en kaffe. :)

..och vilka komplimanger som har nått oss för dina bilder! GRYMT!


Jacob said...

Vad kul!! Jag tar gärna en macro på den taggen över en kaffe!!