You can't push a wave onto the shore any faster than the ocean brings it in.

- Susan Strasberg

I am floating around here in LA, just got my own car :)
I borrowed J's car the other day and Oh My God!
1: It is A LOT of traffic in this town
2: I was driving in morning rush hour traffic to a yoga studio which I had no clue of where it was, all I had was a hand drawn map
3: I was a tiny bit late
4: I got into the car: -Where the f..ck is the clutch?! Did it get stuck somewhere?!!!
5: Where it was?! - It was an AOUTOMATIC off course, I have never ever, driven a car like thet before!
6: In all my rush (to get to a yoga class, hahah) I drove pass 1 STOP sign, 1 red light and drove straight ahead in a file that said, only turn RIGHT!
7: Guesse what, as soon as I saw a parking space, I shoot into it and walked the last 2k to the yoga studio :)

Good thing I got my own car now :)
Wish me luck!


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