Back in Gothenburg after 3 lovely days away. First in Älmhult to see P´s fab family and then 2 days in Skåne/Halland with my girl, JO.

Thank you Jo and Lena for hosting such a great dinner in your lovely house. It (the house) is the equivalent of a PT having a six-pack. Let´s just say it lives up to the expectations one might have of an interior decorator´s home.

And to anyone who doesn´t know: JO is a kick-ass cook! She bakes! She makes fabulous food!
She is the perfect hostess! And lo, and behold - this girl is SINGLE for Christ´s sakes!!!

Guys, get a grip.

ÅKE! He is the coolest dog in Skåne. Please, check out the cake on the table in the background. JO made it - and it was DELICIOUS!
View from the house. Stunning.

Yes, we had sun ALL day yesterday! :)

Taking a walk in the Rye-field to feed the horses.

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