I'm in London. I LOVE this city! Not that I could live here, because the distances are a bit too long, the air is a little bit too polluted and the tempo is just a little bit too hectic, but damn, when you come here as a guest, a tourist - then you can just grab the best of what the city can offer and ENJOY.

The summer sale is on.
I had all day free to visit shops yesterday, since P was booked with an old University friend. (The only break I had, was having lunch at Wholefoods, Kensington.) They went to Tate's Gallery and I, I bought shoes. Shoes and bikinis.
Lucky I could round off "a day of spending and commercialism" with a phenomenal yoga session with Jonathan at TriYoga SoHo. Not to be missed if you are a yoga fan, visiting London before September.

Ps. Goat's butter=SUPER YUMMY! Yeah, really!


Anonymous said...

I agree. London is great for shoes. Italy isn't half bad either. Wasn't supposed to buy any new shoes during our vacation there but ended up cpming home with 6 new pairs in my trunk... What can I say... I am a shoe-o-holic.

mojo said...

6 pairs!!!!!!!!!!

You make me proud!!!!!!

...but hang on....what did M say about that? Does he even know? (Just so I don´t make a fool of myself again, like I did concerning the Antwerp-shopping...when I blew your cover...and asked M about all the items you bought...which turned out to be a few more items than he knew about...I´m still sorry for messing that one up...)

Can´t wait to see them, I mean you, soon. ;)

Love & kisses

Anonymous said...

Listen to this: He even bought me a pair of brown, leather Dolce&Gabbana loafers. Can you believe it!? It don't know what hit him but i was in heaven.
Yes, he knows about EVERYTHING I bought. Hard to hide when on vacation together.

My top three shopping finds:
The shoes mentioned above
Another pair of dark blue suede D&G loafers
and the piece de la resistance...
A black, leather D&G shoulder bag. You are going to love it.
(As you can see I had a shopping frenzy at the D&G store...)

Going to Växjö today for M's brothers wedding but hope to see you real soon.


mojo said...


You must have been SUCH a good boy!!!! ;)

Can´t wait to see it ALL, let´s try and hook up next week?

Enjoy the wedding,