In my newly rented red car I drove to City Yoga after having Lunch with my Hot Hot Hot friend J on M Cafe (Contemporary Macrobiotic Cuisine — featuring balanced, nutritious, creative cooking)!

I was heading for THE PRACTICE (Teacher and student practice together in our most playful and advanced class), a 2hour long sadhana that a friend of mine (a wicked Yogini here in LA) recommended! I knew it was gonna be tuff (she only likes hard, sweaty classes that challenge u to the BONE :)! BUT, I had NO idea that it was going to be THAT playful (read HARD!)

Las night I did a 2hour sweaty class in Santa Monica with one of my favorite teachers, Bryan Kest. His classes are HOT, and demanding but they are SIMPLE, not EASY, but SIMPLE.
I love they way he teaches, he is always right on the spot.

Last night we stood in ARDHA CHANDRASANA, which really just means that you stand on one leg, having one hand in the floor and the other arm reaching up to the sky.

Bryan said
: - Cool down, don't get big EGO about what you are doing, this is nothing advanced. If you were to see this at a Cirque De Solei show, you would want your money back! :)
And he is soo right, we often tend to get competitive and even more stiff when we enter certain poses but Brian pulls you right back down, grounds you and makes you realize; WTF, it's only Yoga! Relax, enjoy and FEEL it!

BUT... back to today's Practice, I must say that the poses we (read they) did would fit into a Circue De Solei performance!
The first pose that we went into was HANUMANASANA (split). Yeasbamthankyoumam, you can
just imagine where we went from there!

Handstand One armed handstand Handstand into Crow Jumping into handstand w a block between your feet Pigeon, Full Pigeon 20 sitting on your knees and touching your head to the floor (behind you!) Drop Backs, 20 Push ups in Bridge pose, holding Bridge Pose for forever (for as long as it took for the 5year old kid to crawl under each and everyone of us!!) Vasistasana with full pigeon Lotus in every variation... well the list goes on and on!
I loved the vibe to the class, it was very laidback, and everyone was talking, chatting, laughing and helping each other out!

One of the students was RAINBEAU MARS
the new Yoga Profile for ADIDAS International!

Soo, I was planning on going to Vinne Morenoes class tonight but...

I think I'll drive down to THE GROOVE, do some shoping (spana på A&F hihhi) and catch a movie instead... yeah definitely!



Anonymous said...

Halloj Johanna!!!
Nästa Semester blir det LA. Det låter som ett bra ställe att lära sig split på.(nu fattas det bara 40 cm)
Precis hemkomna från London där dina tips var grymma. James och Jonathan skickar massor av "LOOOVE" till dig. Cat, Sundara & Emma på Jivamukti var nästan lika bra som Gbg-yoga! Vi ser fram emot din augusti-yoga. Tobbe & Carin

Jo said...

Oh, underbart!

London är en Yoga Guld Gruva

Precis som LA

Jag säger bara oj oj oj vad vi ska leka i Augusti, prepare to PLAY!

Varma soliga salta kramar Jo