Warped Reality Space = IKEA


What happens in the warped reality space that is IKEA? I´d be grateful for an explanation to the phenomena that occurs every time I visit the blue and yellow monster of a shop.

Today followed the usual story: We go to get a few "bits and pieces". You know, candles, napkins, clothes hangers, towels, that sort of stuff. When we get to the check out, we are suddenly lodging not one, but TWO trollies. And when the checkout girl gives us the total, it´s the grand sum of 5.538 SEK!!!!!!!!! What the h..ll just happened?

We only picked up a few things?...Well, actually, then we get to the car...On the third try, we manage to close both the boot AND the two passenger doors. Phew! That place is lethal!

But it did give me the inspiration of today´s

Top 3 places for Fashion dyslexic people:

1. IKEA - Women: no, having angel wings tattood on your shoulder blades does not qualify you to look like a star. Men: 3/4 pants worn with white tube socks in open toe sandals...need I say more?

2. The Avenue in high summer - Women & Men: anything tight, anything lycra and/or fluorescent that hugs pieces of your body that does not want to be hugged in public... not a good fashion statement.

3. Liseberg - O.M.G (Oh.My.God)! Ice-hockey hairdos on the men and wicked, wicked perms on the women + bare midriffs (both men&women) + more 3/4 trousers with drawstrings at the hem (what´s with this trouser "fashion" amongst middle aged men of today???) + cycle shorts (cycle shorts??? No matter how fashionable cycle shorts would or could be, WHO can honestly say that they look good in them??? And that´s said by someone who has worked 17 yrs of her career in this EXTREMELY unflattering piece of clothing...)

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H said...

Thank you for a great morning laugh together with my breakfast... :)
Ikea...right on spot! That´s EXACTLY how it works at that crazy place...including the white socks!
Take care! / H