The Boss


Yesterday I happened to pass Elite Plaza Hotel just as the Boss was about to enter the building.

He was short, with a green cap and glasses. He looked old, but happy and like a really nice guy.

By the time I realized "maybe I should get my camera out?" - this is the shoot I got:


It was scorching hot all day yesterday, so I took the opportunity to wear white hotpants! (YES, it´s true, but you could only see them in certain angles...) I went biking downtown to see a friend for lunch. I´m wearing my favorite "Sex in the City" mules - they´re red with flowers.
The outfit almost caused a few traffic accidents.

In the evening we went for a barbeque at my parents. Dad retired yesterday! Congrats, Dad!
Just before we were about to leave - P and I had just entered our car - the sky opened and the rain came POURING down. My sister and M was getting Daisy into the car, when the wind hit her umbrella.... Well, you can see for yourself... I laughed until I had tears in my eyes!....

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