BÅSTAD i efterhand

Went to a dinner that STUREPLANSGRUPPEN arranged last Saturday in Båstad and here are pieces of the dinner conversations:

She -Åh, det där gröna… eh… åh vad heter d…..?!..........
The rest of us- ?
She – Eh….. ja.. SALLAD!

Me: What do you do?
He: I arrange package travels around the world where I guide clients to the best restaurants, clubs, hotels etc.
….food is served….
He: Åh, Basil
Me: No, sorry it is Spinach!

I spoke about my VIPASSANA, silent meditation and 10min into the conversation one of the girls (who have been quiet for 10min) says: “Ohh like kinda ORANGE…. Just like that, out of the blue

We also did a competition: What is in your pocket?! Of course I won – I had an almond, who can beat that at 4am when the burger queue is 100m ☺

Yeasbamthank you mam!

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