Tonight is the Night

Listen to the music as you read...

My parents split up when I was 11. Mom moved into an old house up the hill (2km up the road, still it was a new village – yes, I grew up on the countryside).
It was the 1st of May and my brother and I were supposed to sleep in our new home for the first time.

Mom has told me this:

I walked around in the house, the bathroom was ICE cold, we slept on temporary mattresses and EVERYTHING was unfamiliar. I looked at her and said:

- Mom, How is this ever going to be OUR HOME?

It was like as someone dropped a huge heavy stone in her heart. She was alone, she bought a house that she renovated al by herself, trying to juggle a full time job, a divorce, two kids and the making of a NEW home.

I must say this: SHE DID WELL!!!!

I still remember the mornings when loud music from the ground floor woke me up, I stumbled downstairs thinking what the …. Id going on and I find my mom dancing around with the vacuum cleaner, making breakfast and singing from the top of her lungs – FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN THEN WE TAKE BERLIN…..

When I asked her this morning – which one of his songs is her favorite, she said this one!

Tonight I am taking my mom on a SURPRISE concert with HER MAN = LEONARD COHEN, as he will be playing LIVE at SOFIERO!

It doesn’t get better than this!



rob said...

Jo! I really wish that you and your mother will have a great time with…but (there is always a but) please do not forget about Åke. Otherwise he might end up in Stenungsund again ;).

Jo said...


I am very aweare of the BUTs in life, sometimes I feel I CREATED them :)

Thanks for your concern for Åke, I told him and he got VERY happy!

Next time he said that he would more then LOVE to stay with you, (if that is OK:?)

I am back in August, will I be able to see more of you then?

SHANTI as they say in India :)