Boob Aerobics, anyone?


Things I love about living in Gothenburg, in no particular order:

- the coffee, there are a few outstanding coffee places in this town and only a few places in Italy can beat the cappuccino made at da Matteo or Bar Centro (Kyrkogatan 31). I am SUCH a coffee snob.

- the people, laid back & fairly unpretentious, in comparison to a lot of places.

- the size, small, compact and easily traveled.

On a completely different note... I had lunch with a friend in London. She works as the group training manager for Gymbox.
Gymbox is the UK version of Crunch, (which is a chain of fitness clubs in the US, famous for their outrageous class names).
Anyway, in order to get free press, here are the latest fitness classes that you can find at Gymbox, London:

- "Naked Aerobics" I asked if I could watch the instructor audition for this class! (...but I was kindly,yet firmly turned down...bummer!)

- "The WAG workout" For (and by) bored Wifes And Girlfriends of football players. The WAG is a VERY British phenomena.

- "Boob Aerobics" Ehhh...aerobics for your boobs. Loved P´s question: "I guess that´s a popular class with men, then?"

- "The Stiletto Workout" - this class is actually run by my friend Zoe. And yes, I would EXCEL at this particular workout, I´m sure!

- "Bitch Boxing" - A boxing class in a proper boxing ring. Open for bitches and their friends (or enemies?). Great after a slow/bad/upsetting day at the office...

- "Core Whore" - a core class with a difference. Taught by a very colorful transvestite in his/her FULL on drag queen outfit. And he/she doesn´t take any prisoners. I HAVE to see this class next time I´m there!

New for autumn: Parkour classes - for anyone bored with their normal gym workout who doesn´t see a problem with jumping off buildings, railings, or anything else that happens to be in the way...

I hope they have a rockin´ insurance....

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