How much is too much?


Leaving Croatia tonight (read: bloody early in the morning around 3am...). Driving back to Trieste, Italy to catch a plane to Munich and then on to dear old Gothenburg. It's been a good week. I can truly recommend you to go here if you are after crystal clear water, hot sun and lots of grilled meat.

And yes, although my brain has turned to mush in the bashing sun, my body has suffered even "more". I love sunbathing. And I truly appreciate a good tan. But during the last 10 years or so I've also come to realize that there could actually be too much of a good thing.... (ssssmart, eh?)
That is actually the case right now. I'm too tanned. Yes. It. Is. Possible.

I have used sunscreen SPF 20 all week (30 in my face, otherwise Affi = "my" beautican - would KILL me, and quite rightly so...no, I don't need a reality check, thanks...), but I have visited places were there haven't really been any shade. At all. (You will be able to see the pictures in a few days.)
So now my stomach looks like a sailor's face. Dark, dark, brown, almost leathery and certainly closer to black when it creases. Not beautiful, unless you are a dark colour naturally.

Skin damage does not qualify on our (Febbe, P's and mine)
Top 5 list-in no particular order- on How To Stay Young:

1. Tasty, great food - that you ENJOY
2. Sleep (at least 8h per night, according to P and I, but then again, our friends call us "The Pensioners"
3. Fantastic, mindblowing Sex (Well, maybe we're not pensioners after all??....)
4. Love - through fabulous friends/family/partner, that make you happy and fulfill you
5. A good sunscreen

Have a great evening, I'm looking forward to coming home and travelling (yes, again) down south to have some JO time this weekend!

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