Dirty Sexy Money


Whilst "House MD " is having a break, I have a new addiction.

"Dirty Sexy Money" is ruling my nights in at the moment. My favorite Darling at this point in time is Rev. Brian - so mean, so sad, so funny and so f....cked up...whilst the most gorgeous woman on the show must be Candis Cayne, also known as the stunning transgender wonderwoman, Carmelita.

By the way, thanks to Helena, who sent a seriously funny photograph from her holiday in Croatia last year. Unfortunately, it showed a live willy and was...well, exposing a very naked man doing some improvised yoga on the beach. I´m not sure what the rules are concerning showing naked penises on blogspot.com, but I am not sure that the photograph is safe for the under 18s...
The photograph did win a runners up prize in "the most hideous bathing outfits in Croatia"-competition, though!... :D

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H said...

Thanks! ;)
You should see his wife...too tight leopard patterned panties...didn´t manage to take a picture, though...
Still can´t figure out what´s wrong with those people...think I need to go back again! ;)