Who the f..ck do you think you are?!

Jo, really, you slept for about 3h – again totally forgot to do the “every other WATER” last night and still you go out for a run when he calls you up at 8am – you meet him at Linnéplatsen with your favorite WHITE NIKE Wind Runner, (little did you know that it would return home brown, green, black).

He DOES NOT run the way “normal” morning runners run. He runs like a five year old. You are hung over, have 3 hours of sleep in your body; you danced al night long and walked home in HIGH STILETTOS. Thank GOD you didn’t break a leg! (did you even notice that the sky was CLEAR BLUE?!)

After the 50min run up and down, in and out, above and under in 5,17 tempo you skip home, make breakfast, talk to your girlfriend and convinces her to join you for BODYPUMP!

Not only do you attend the BODYPUMP class, you try to break your personal record in the amount of WEIGHTS you lift!

I think it is time for VACATION!

Skåne here I come…

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