At the moment, my home looks like a D.I.Y-shop. It makes me cringe.
We visited the "Järnia"-shop today after the beach. Järnia sells everything from hoovers, screws, drills, paint to ice-cream...(yes, they do-by the checkout). The visit made me come out in a rash.

Let me tell you something. Having a home is lovely. Having a lovely home is, well, nice. But I´d rather walk around in flat shoes for the rest of my life than having to: paint a house, do some wallpapering, screw some screws or do some gardening.

The nightmare of all nightmares: to move in to a "renoveringsobjekt"( =a house that requires so much work it should not only be given away for free, it should come with a warning sign saying: "by taking me on, you will not have any leisure time for, like, the rest of your life"). Strangle me slowly, I would truly detest every minute that I would be able to stand inside that house.

It bores me to death having to handle tools. It gives me stomach convulsions having to live in the mess that is created by "transforming" your home. Having to spend one´s holiday tending to the house/apartment/garden would probably make me go insane withing 24h.
When people tell me that that is how they have spent their week/weekend/holiday/latest months, I never know what to say? "My condolences"? (Would that be a weird thing to say?)

Anyway, the good thing is: I know what I´m good at, and I certainly know what I SUCK at, so the way to avoid becoming a vegetative blob in the future is to never ever go close to anything resembling a screwdriver, a paintbrush or a lawnmower for as long as I live...

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