Work it baby


Wow, what a beautiful day. Autumn at its best.

Had a lovely, lovely girly lunch with Sus & Mari - (thanks again for Robin´s lovely presents). We discussed everything from training, travelling, people´s relationships to plastic surgery.

In the afternoon I went out for a buggy run around Slottskogen. I´ve caught the same cough that my sister & P are suffering from and I knew that the run would either kill me or make me feel better. Well, I´m still here.
Tomorrow, me, Magnus & Linda are heading off to Arvika.
I´m teaching a heart rate course there on Saturday and Magnus & Linda are shadowing +teaching a class each. This will be my 3rd visit this year (Värmland´s forests, ahoy) and I look forward to having some company in the car.

I can feel that I´ve been working 3 weekends in a row + taking care of Robin during the week.
I used to work EVERY weekend during season for 12 years...easy-peasy when you only have yourself to look after the rest of the time...This mummy is looking forward to putting her feet up come Sunday...



susanita said...

hmmm, come sunday and I think u have made plans for that day anyway. You sitting with your feet up, I really can´t see that picture. ;D
Take care, you lovely and strong woman. You are a true inspiration!
--Sus & Judith

mojo said...

Ohhhhh,thank you!
I promise I will do my utterly best!!! :)
Will I see you on November 7????
Hope you are FAB!

Love & hugs to you and Judith,