Shake the disease


In the fight against this season´s colds, flus and other unpleasantries,
the prevention according to MO (in no particular order):

* SLEEPING (minimum 8h, preferably 10 if you already have something lingering in your system). Hmmm....this is more than a challenge with a 3-months old baby in the house. Luckily, since I´m not breastfeeding anymore, P and I can take sleeping-turns.
* Vitamins. Multivitamin-liquid, extra D-vitamin, C-vitamin + superpowerful Omega-3 capsules. Daily. Do not skip.
* Training. Low- to mid intensity-daily. High intensity - only when you feel fully recovered and know you can have a rest day the following day.
* Daylight. Come rain, come shine. Remember: "There is no bad weather-just unsuitable clothes" (Damn it, I´ve become such a MUM!)
* Laughing. Watch a funny movie, book an evening-in with people you know will bring joy and laughter into your house.
* Loving. Giving and receiving. Friends, family, partner (should also include a huge amount of kissing, as long as the giving/receiving end is not already carrying a bug).

Stay healthy, Stay well Autumn 2009



Helena said...

Crap...skulle ha vetat det här INNAN min förkylning bröt ut... Men nu är den snart bekämpad och då är jag tillbaka med FULL POWER!
Hoppas att ni får vara friska...
Stor kram till er alla tre!

mojo said...

Åh, lovely att se dig på Mojo!
Hoppas att du trivs på ditt nya jobb???
Härligt att du nu är frisk och kry.