Not worth dying for

Ok. You can almost see the fleece scarf. Almost.


I got tired of coughing so in the late afternoon I went out for a run. Wearing running tights, a Nike Pro vest, a long sleeved fleece, a windstopper and the most essential item from October 1-April 15, my fleece running scarf. I have a very sensitive neck, throat and ears. If I go running in the autumn/winter with a bare neck, my ears and throat will be sore and swollen for hours.
I felt so much better afterward and although I´m still coughing now and again, it´s not as violent.
Sometimes it´s hard to know if training will help or make it worse when you are feeling a bit under the weather.

My rule of thumb is:

* Fever - NEVER, EVER train. Anything. Normally I rest from cardio work for as many days as I´ve been having a temperature. Fever for 3 days? I´ll take a minimum of 3 fever free days before I´m back on it.
* Sore throat - tricky one. If it hurts when you swallow - REST, if it´s just itching and uncomfortable, I normally allow myself very light intensity work.
* Runny nose - light to medium intensity cardio work if it´s "on its own". If accompanied by a sore throat, see aforementioned point.
* Achy body - NEVER, EVER train. This is normally the pre-stage to fever.
* Cough - on its own: light to medium intensity cardio work. Accompanied with any of the other symptoms above, see previous answers.

When I was (a lot) younger and lived in Scotland. I taught 21 classes/week. (Yes, yes, utter madness, I know). I got a cold. I continued working and training. I went down with the flu. 2 weeks off work, sick as a dog. I ran a high temperature, had achy joints, body and a throat that was killing me, etc etc.
I had about 2 fever free days and then pushed myself back to teach 21 classes. I didn´t even last a week.
Suddenly I went down with a monster high temperature, I got so light sensitive that I vomited from pain when the curtains were opened in the morning, I had a migraine from hell (I normally don´t even have headaches...) and I couldn´t turn my head without throwing up. A day later I was admitted to the infection clinic at Glasgow General Hospital. I had menengitis (hjärnhinneinflammation).

I stayed at the infection ward for over 3 weeks. When I finally got to leave the hospital I was under strict orders not to walk any further than from the bedroom - to the bathroom - for 6 MONTHS!
I lost so much weight (10kg on an already small frame) in the first few weeks that I looked like a walking skeleton. I got exhausted from walking around in my home. My immune system was so low, I wasn´t allowed to visit any crowded spaces, let alone a supermarket in the first weeks after being hospitalized...

I´ve learned my lesson the hard way. If I have any doubts about any of the points above (sore throat, runny nose or cough), I always choose the safe option and take an extra day of rest.



Jenny said...

TACK Monika för ett superbra inlägg! Hoppas det är ok om jag länkar till detta....

Stor kram i höstrusket

mojo said...

Tack Jenny!
Självklart är det okej.
Hoppas att du har en fin höst och att BB-klasserna går strålande!

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