Cheap life insurance


Nice day today, stunning weather and I managed to be quite productive between walks. Had a great meeting with a glowing JOJO in the afternoon, with many laughs and fab stories. I always leave our fikas with a beaming smile on my face - Love it!

Went out for a run tonight, wearing my day-glo "roadworker" vest. A very cheap life insurance. I don´t know how many people I´ve almost run over in the last week, wearing black, running across the street right in front of my car... with or without dog, pram, bike, etc.

The run got slightly interrupted at the top of Linnégatan since some mad man supposedly had brought explosives on to the tram. The whole street was sealed off.
Eh, say what? "I´m so pissed off, I´m gonna blow up the number 6 tram!" People are strange.


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