Arvika T/R


Just back from Arvika.
Had a great time doing the heart rate training course at Hälsokompaniet. In the car on the way there, Linda, Magnus & I were so busy having a nice time - being complete chatterboxes - that we got "lost" twice on our way... Hm..I take full responsibility as the driver, but it was quite amusing how we managed to blow past Säffle without anyone of us noticing...
Let´s just say it took us 4h25min to get there and 3h15min to get home... Magnus´ nose was a bit pale at times, but he managed to keep it together. (Readers of this blog probably know by now that I tend to "misread" speedlimit signs at regular intervals...)
I am very grateful to have found Magnus & Linda - they are perfect team members and very talented teachers. They ticked all the necessary boxes when I was looking to recruit:

* knowledgeable
* talented
* sociable
* passionate
* team-players
* hard working
* loyal
* curious - willing to learn
Well worth waiting for.

Now, I can´t wait for my bed! I hope you have a lovely Saturday night!


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