Question for the weekend


First free weekend in over 5 weeks. Nice to have both Saturday and Sunday with the family. We begun the weekend with a lovely dinner with F&F last night. I will miss Febs so much when he now officially packs his bags and moves to Stockholmo. It´s sad, but also absolutely fabulous. Finding the love of your life makes you radiant.

Is it the time of year or is it something in the water? The theme at the moment seems to be either a) falling head over heels in love or b) breaking up. Weird, isn´t it, how these things always seem to happen in clusters?

By the way, to all iPhone users out there: which subscription (abbonemang) do you have and are you happy with it? I´m with Telenor at the moment, but it seems like 3 has got the better deal with iPhone. Saying that, trying to understand the small print is a nightmare...All feedback is welcome. Help!



Anonymous said...

Inte Telenor - ALDRIG Telenor !

Efter många tråkigheter med dem vill jag sprida mitt budskap till alla - INTE Telenor.

Hoppas det gick fram... ;)

mojo said...

So right now, 1-0 for Tre.

Tack för feedbacken! :)

mary said...

Hola chica, Clara har 3 jag o maken har telenor. Bra avtal m telenor, bättre upplägg för tonårs dotter då det var dags att ta ansvar för sitt ringande.

mojo said...

Hej vackra Mary,

Mmmmhm....har hittat en bra site: http://www.iphonepriser.com/
men blir knappt klokare för det... :)