Rough, rougher, RUFFIE!


First of all: JO-I´m on! I´m home that weekend in December, believe it or not, so-it´s a date!
MOJO-readers.... click here (say no more...)

Off to Linköping with JO and the rest of the NIKE-team this weekend to teach yoga! It will be so much fun, even if I´m leaving around 6am Saturday morning...zzzzz....I get to leave later than the rest of the team because of my breasts. Sorry, my breastfeeding, I mean. :)

If you are in Gothenburg on November 7, you HAVE to make your way out to Gymnasium Sisjön to join RUFFIE-hour! Ruffie is a brand new, smokin´hot group training class with influences from MMA (MixedMartialArts), wrestling and boxing (minus the sparring...).

The founders of RUFFIE are Usama "Sami" Aziz, a great friend and one of Sweden´s greatest MMA-fighters (on the cover of Fighter Magazine just recently) plus Musse (a humble martial artist also known from Z-TV´s fab "Rallarsving").

Sami getting into the groove...

I can´t tell you enough how much fun (and how seriously TOUGH) this class will be! RUFFIE will be out for the general public in 2010, but you can already now come and train for these sweethearts, ooops, I mean killing machines, exclusively on Nov 7.

As we say it here on MOJO: Be there or stop complaining.



susanita said...

o jag vart riktigt sugen på att åka till gbg i nov o "slåss", gammal jujutsu/judo-brutta som man är. =)
Ruffie låter som ett perfekt träningspass.

kram på er!

mojo said...

Kom ner Sus!
Det vore toppenkul att ha dig här för Ruffie!!


susanita said...

Ärligt, så är jag grymt sugen på att testa. Vilken tid startar passet o är det ngn föranmälan?
kram på dig, raring!

mojo said...

Återkommer så fort jag har mer info!
Oj, vad roligt om du kan komma hit! :)