I had so much fun yesterday and laughed so much that today my stomach muscles are sore!
We surprised M&R with a fantastic day of Svennesexa. They got secretly married last year and haven´t thrown a wedding party yet. "Not on", reasoned two of their best friends and managed to get 20 people together to celebrate a delayed Stag do/Wedding Dinner.
The kidnapping happened at the Vann Spa breakfast buffét. Wow, they were SO surprised - wonderful!
Following breakfast, we competed in the Gay Olympics, which contained the much known disciplines such as: 100m in high heels, Long Throw with a little handbag, Sack Jumping in a tight skirt, Throwing darts at well-known homophobe, etc, etc. :)
Team M won! (yes, yes, yes!)
Lunch at Stenungsbaden, followed by a studio recording of Kenny Roger´s/Dolly Parton´s "Islands in the Stream"- both a CD and a DVD... What a fantastic day!
It was rounded off with a gorgeous 3-course meal in the evening.
Thank you Bettan & Fanny for a perfectly arranged day!



Cizzi said...

Haha, vad roligt! Det är alltid kul att få spexa lite =)

mojo said...

En underbar dag!!! :)