Fame and Fortune


I start the day with a lovely fika. MG and I haven´t seen each other for ages and it´s always great to catch up. We talk business, training, life and future plans. I laugh and laugh and laugh so hard when MG tells me that I have met - and hosted - the most famous of the "Swedish Hollywood Wives". (Remember, we live without a TV, but how on earth could I have not heard the stories???)
She was here, in Sweden, at one of my events. She was working as an LA-personal trainer back then and she was dating a presenter that I hired. Case closed.

The rest of the day was spent chasing a Vårdcentral that would see me and prescribe a cough medicine. I have been coughing like mad since Friday and I would like to be able to have a good night´s sleep (between feedings) and not having to worry about waking the rest of the family.
At 3 o´clock the problem was solved.

I taught Spinning/Kettlebell at 5 o´clock. Hardworking mountainbike professional Åsa E came out to join both classes, since her competition season has ended. She said she was tired but happy afterwards and promised to come and join a future yoga class as well.

I´m hoping for another stunning autumn day tomorrow. Running with the pram is on the schedule for the morning, followed by some work in the afternoon.



Tobias said...

Bra klasser idag Monika!

Kan meddela att jag hade seriösa problem att böja mig ner och knyta upp skorna när jag kom hem! Den där svingen med dubbla ketlebellsrar visste var den tog! Shit! ;-)

Nåja, nya tag på onsdag!
Ha en bra dag imorgon!

mojo said...

Tack Tobias!
Good news,
fler dubbelsvingar på onsdag då? :)

Ha en finfin dag!