Passion for training


I´ve finally got my act together and bought myself a Tempur pillow. I would like the mattress as well, but we are having a hard time deciding what bed to go with it... Luxury problems of the 21st century, eh?

I had a lovely day with my delightful yoga class in the morning, I then hung out with my family, had lunch with extraordinary Mangomo, followed by tonight´s brilliant classes spinning60 and kettlebell45. I truly love these classes since they attract the upper crust of members who are not afraid to go the extra mile. I love people who are serious about their training. Yes, it is nice to "train because it´s fun". And yes, group training is a "sociable activity". But, as a trainer, and especially the older I get (this is my 18th year in the industry, can you believe it??...) I now only want to work with people who have the passion, the dedication and the extra "umph" to put into their sessions...

I´ve been toying with the thought to maybe offer some personal training next year. If I do, I´d only take on clients who really WANT to train and who are not afraid to WORK for their results. Whether you want to run the 10k faster, lift heavier weights or loose a few pounds, nothing comes for free.



Tobias said...

Fantastic classes today! The combination of members wanting to push hard and a trainer that inspires and challenges is great! There must be a reason you're still in the business after 18 years right? ;-)


P.S. Thanks for confirming my prejudice....there is a little sadist living in group trainers! ;-D

Annika said...

Hej Monika! Jag och min man har tempur bäddmadrasser, ca7 cm höga...under det har vi vanliga ikea sultan...för den tjocka madrassen under gör ingen mer nytta...det är bäddmadrassen som är grejen. Vi har haft våra i flera år nu och kommer ALDRIG byta! Mitt ryggonda försvann nästan med en gång och vi sover som små barn! KRAM Annika Knober, fd Appelgren

mojo said...

Hahahaha, Tobias, that´s completely right, (just that it´s not even a small sadist)...
Thank you for those nice words!
Wednesdays´gang rule.

härligt att se dig här på MOJO!
Tack för tipset! Skönt att ni är så nöjda med er Tempur.
Vårt problem har varit att hitta ett underlag till bäddmadrassen som är tillräckligt hårt (och inte formar sig som en båt efter 12mån...)
Kanske en Tempur direkt på golvet? "Japanese style"... :)