Charged and Recharged


Hey. What a day.
Had a lovely start with a morning fika together with Katy. Haven´t seen her for ages, so it was great to catch up.
Packed Robin and all his bags+pram into the car and left to go to grandma´s and grandpa´s.
By the time I reached Slottskogen, I was thinking to myself: "Hmmmm...it´s cloudy today...normally the police is only out in nice weather..." Next thing I know, I see how a policeman is pointing his speedgun-thing towards my car. Since I have past that same place about 10 times in the last 12months when there has been a speedcheck, I know the drill. I watch in my rear mirror as the second policeman pulls out on his motorbike. My heart is racing. I´m doing almost 15km above the allowed speed limit. (Yes, yes, I know. I´m bad. I should be setting an example and be following the law much more often...)
I swear loudly in the car. I´m in a hurry, but not 3.500:- worth of hurry... The bike is following me and I´m waiting for him to overtake me and wave me in...when I see how he starts giving signals to...the car behind me!!!
It turned out to be a good day. And yes, I bought a lottery ticket.
Had a productive and interesting lunch meeting. Went to pick up Robin.
When P came home, I went out to Gymnasium and got there just in time to see the end of JOJO´s buttkickin´AFRO and to join Katy´s yin-yoga part.
Thouroughly enjoyed it, both mentally and physically. Just what I needed after a very eventful day.

Recharged, Chilled and Ready for the Weekend!

JO, Katy and me after the class



Cizzi said...

Det var nära ögat! Hoppas du får en underbar helg!

mojo said...

Åh, det har varit en fantastisk helg! :)
Hoppas att din också har varit fin,


soffan said...

Hohoho, ibland har man tur :)!

mojo said...

ja, det kan man verkligen säga! Enligt kvinnlig logik har man ju helt plötsligt SPARAT 3.500:-, som man kan göra sååå mycket roliga saker för! :)