Punch me in the head


We celebrated P´s birthday yesterday. It actually felt a little bit different (lovely different), now that there´s three of us.
P cooked (because we wanted the guests to be able to eat the food) a lovely dinner and we had some friends over for a Birthday-lunch.

I did some weights in the gym after my classes tonight. Hmmm...it would be good if I got around to doing some more of that in the next couple of months. I was struggling.

Sensitive subject coming up...
First of all I want to thank "I" for sending me the invitations. I do appreciate the thought.

I´ve had 2 or 3 sms-invitations to join this group of new mothers in their "walk-and-talk-and-fika"-activities. Have I joined? No. Will I join? No. Ever? No.
Why? Because I´m a time snob. (Which most probably is not even a word, I just made that up)

Even being on maternity leave, I find that the days just FLY past. There is room for one, maximum 2 "activities" per day. I´m a mother now, but I´m still the same person that I was before I got Robin. It means, I have the same friends, enjoy the same things and: I prioritize the same people as before. I just don´t have the time or the need or the inclination to meet new people just because they also happen to be new mothers and I desperately do not want to talk about baby poo, lack of sleep, or breast feeding for half a day with women that I don´t even know. Not to mention spending hours around lots of babies. I wasn´t a baby person before and I have to say I´m not really a baby person now... Two babies at a time - no problems, three or four or more? Ehh, punch me in the head already.

I declined all future group-mama-meetings (in a nice way) by sms today.



Jenny said...

Haha, härligt inlägg Mo! Det är nog många som känner som du men som inte vågar tacka nej. Bra gjort! :)

Malin said...

Lovely Mama Monika!!! Du är så cool och verkligen en förebild - att inte falla in i latte-morsa grupperna av bara farten...go girl! KRAM!!!

Magnus said...

Jag sätter hundra spänn på att Robin kör kettlebells eller yoga innan årsskiftet. Bra bålstabilitet, det bådar gott;)

mojo said...

Jenny & Malin - Tack!

Magnus - hahahaha, men tänk om han blir en dataspelande, coca-cola drickande latmask istället??? :)


mary said...

Inte bara bålstabilitet...SVÅLstabilitet...MÅLstabilitet
Magnus är 100 kr rikare. Tror aldrig jag sett ngn mer målfast blick/ approach på en 3 månaders EVER =)))